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The purpose of Ministry Medicine International is to provide basic Healthcare (common / minor / episodic illness), Wellness, and Educational services to as many people as God allows, and with a special emphasis on Ministry professionals (Missionaries, Evangelists, Pastors, Bible college students, etc.) via the Telehealth platform. At present, I am Licensed in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Iowa. Our services are cash pay.

Brent Madaris

Brent Madaris is a Family Nurse Practitioner. He graduated from Emory University in 1995 and has been practicing medicine, in a wide variety of settings ever since. 

James Hansard
USA East Church Planting Director

May I be so bold and confident to recommend A close friend and CHRISTIAN Brother, Brent Madaris who is launching out by faith into a familiar field of medicine “Telemedicine”. 


One might ask what is Telemedicine? 

Definition: It is exchange of medical information from one site to another through electronic communications. This is done for the purpose of improving a person’s health.

• Telemedicine has been around for over 40 years. 

• It is a rapidly growing field. 

• It can be very difficult to get an appointment with primary care doctors and specialists. 

• The waiting list can be long and even getting a referral doesn’t guarantee a quick appointment. Telemedicine can help bring you and the doctor together.

• Telemedicine is great for doctors and people seeking medical treatment when it comes to treatment and diagnosis. It can also be a great support system. You can use it to get consumer medical and health information from the Internet. 

• Presently our family is serving with MWBM, Inc. and as missionaries who have served abroad and now in the states we certainly need men like Brent Madaris to give medical counsel and treatment through cost effective “Telemedicine”. 

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