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Missionary Health and Wellness

One aspect of the ministry, which God has given me, involves Medical Missions and Missionary Training For Health and Wellness.


I am also interested in and involved with Missionary Health and Wellness. I find great satisfaction in teaching missionaries how to maintain their health (and the health of their family) while on the mission field. I have multiple courses prepared on health and wellness issues, including Power Point presentations, which are ready to be taught in Bible Institutes, Christian Colleges, Seminaries, and Mission Board Training Institutes.


Some of the courses I am prepared to teach are:

1. Introduction To Missionary Health and Wellness

2. Good Nutrition Lineup

3. Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle

4. Malaria Prophylaxis

5. Fast Food Follies

6. Stress

7. On Being Angry With God

8. Sanitation and Hygiene

9. Weight Loss

10. Taking Pleasure In The Hard Times

11. Water Purification

12. Exercise

13. Staying Healthy On the Deputation Trail

14. Missionary Attrition

14. Etc, Etc.

Some of these lessons could also be (and have been) adapted for church meetings as well, under the heading of Personal Health Stewardship. Again, please let me know if this interests you and we can work out the details.

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