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Words of Encouragment!

Thank You

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Michael and Candy Bader

Great Experience.  No place was open on Friday: my doctor, usual Walk-In, new Urgent Care filled up. 

A friend, also in ministry, reminded me about Ministry Medicine International (MMI).  Brent Madaris was so willing to help, professional yet friendly.

I emailed my meds and history to him, then I talked on-line, visually, in an Examination Room and he worked everything out: sending the Rx, and how to pay.

He was a life-saver last evening😃. Me and my wife will be asking for his help in the future too. Our rating is FIVE STARS ‼️

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James and Cathy Hansard

USA East Church Planting Director at Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc.

Having gotten sick with covid on August 6th I turned to a dear pastor friend and nurse practitioner. He has been with us by way of telemedicine all the way. I want to publicly thank him for his sacrifice. He called in RX’s, even helped us from his family vacation and instructed James through our most difficult hours. Most of all he prayed for us. May God reward you richly Pastor Brent Madaris.

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Amber Yingling

I am a very busy person especially this week due to me leaving for my mission field. I needed some precautionary medication and ideas to help keep myself healthy as I fly to the Philippines. Bro. Madaris took the time to help me understand what could cause my problems while flying and what I needed to purchase to make sure I stay healthy. It was easy and convenient. I was in the middle of running errands when our appointment took place. He was very thorough and informative. As a missionary it only cost me $55, which is way less than going to any local clinic. Even if I was not a missionary, the $75 price is still less and I probably would not have been able to receive precautionary medication as I did with him either.  

I am a missionary to the Philippines. My website is



Amber Yingling

Giving Hope to the Hopeless in the Philippines. 

"Looking for that blessed hope..." Titus 2:13

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