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New Cancer Treatment Being Studied

There is a new treatment for cancer being evaluated.

The name of this new treatment is AOH1996. This new treatment has been in the process of development for about twenty years. It is named after Anna Olivia Healey (AOH). She was born in 1996 and unfortunately died of cancer.

This treatment targets refractory solid tumors (tumors that do not respond to other therapies) by targeting a molecule called Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA). In its mutated form, the molecule is essential to the replication and repair of the tumor cells. By inhibiting this molecule, AOH1996 basically stops the growth of tumor cells.

This treatment is not publicly available yet. The new treatment is being tested now in phase one (treatment) clinical trials in one location and hopefully, soon, a second location.

  1. City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center (Duarte California) - Active

  2. HonorHealth Research Institute (Scottsdale Arizona) - Pending

If you are interested in this clinical trial, Contact Principal Investigator Vincent Chung at 626-218-9200 or

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