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The Seven Building Blocks of Healthy Living

The Western Medicine Healthcare system is primarily a "disease-based model," not a true "healthcare model." If you have a disease or a disorder, we have a pill for that!

I was trained in the allopathic model so I am very familiar with that type of medicine.

Allopathy is defined as

a system of medical practice that emphasizes diagnosing and treating disease and the use of conventional, evidence-based therapeutic measures (such as drugs or surgery

Many people want more than just a disease model of healthcare. Or at least they think they do.

Achieving ideal health requires work! Sometimes people fall into the "better living through chemicals" philosophy of life.

As a general rule, we thank God for medicine and medical practitioners, but we also do not want to neglect to help people understand what the foundational building blocks of good health really are!

Our "Western" lifestyle is fraught with many problems when it comes to achieving and maintaining health, but with knowledge and encouragement, people can take proactive steps to better their health situation.

Here are what I call, The Seven Building Blocks of Good Health (with some really nice pictures)! Let's get 💪🏻

  • Proper Nutrition

  • Pure Air

  • Clean Water

  • Regular Exercise

  • Sufficient Rest

  • Careful Sun Exposure

  • Reducing Stressors

If you want to be healthy, as healthy as you can possibly become, focus on these factors, and work toward optimizing each one in your life!

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