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Wait on Wegovy (2) - GI Issues

Obesity is a problem in America.

"Poor diet and low levels of physical activity affect overall health and are significant risk factors for obesity and chronic disease. Obesity in the United States affects 100.1 million (41.9%) adults and 14.7 million (19.7%) children and accounts for approximately $147 billion in annual healthcare costs" (1)

More research results are coming in about the new weight loss fad medicines currently sweeping the nation.

From a recent article I read comes the following information:

"People taking semaglutide or liraglutide for weight management are at a higher risk for rare but potentially serious gastrointestinal issues, compared with those taking naltrexone/bupropion, according to a large epidemiologic study."

So begins an article titled...

GLP-1 Agonists Linked to Higher Risk for Rare, but Serious, GI complications

Publish date: October 13, 2023

By Damian McNamara, MA

This article describes how "patients taking either of these glucagonlike peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists had a 9-fold elevation in risk for pancreatitis. They were also 4 times more likely to develop bowel obstruction and over 3.5 times more likely to experience gastroparesis."

The research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association was titled,

"Risk of Gastrointestinal Adverse Events Associated With Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists for Weight Loss"

The paper was released on October 5, 2023, and can be studied HERE

Again, caution should be used in the utilization of these products for novel uses such as weight loss. See my previous article on Wegovy and suicidal thoughts.

(1) CDC. 2023. “Notice of Funding Opportunity: HOP.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. January 19, 2023.

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