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Wait on Wegovy (3) - Muscle Mass Loss

One must be vary careful when making a decision about the new weight loss medications labeled as GLP-1 Agonists.

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Information from a recent article:

"Muscle-mass loss seems to be a concern for pharmaceutical companies developing anti-obesity drugs. Eli Lilly, the maker of tirzepatide, recently acquired Versanis, a company developing a medication called bimagrumab, which is being tested in combination with semaglutide for its potential ability to preserve muscle mass during weight loss.

“I think it is possible we will begin to see an occasional person with what we describe as sarcopenic obesity,” Drucker says, referring to a combination of obesity and low skeletal muscle mass that results in muscle weakness. “How many of those people will there be? We don’t know. This is something we’ll need to monitor carefully.”

Data presented last week at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes annual meeting in Hamburg, Germany, offered some reassurance. Researchers, including some from Eli Lilly, used magnetic resonance imaging to evaluate changes in body composition seen in people taking tirzepatide and concluded that some of the muscle volume lost was actually intramuscular fat. The loss of lean muscle mass, the authors concluded, wasn’t greater than expected given the weight loss" (1)

(1) Lenharo, Mariana. 2023. “Anti-Obesity Drugs’ Side Effects: What We Know so Far.” Nature, October (October).

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